The Change

I view the world blankly.

A film of salted water on my eyes.

The world has changed.

The world has changed in just one day.

–   A sense of doom has set in.

–   A pall of gloom has settled.


The rain which seemed beautiful yesterday,

Today seems dreary.

The trees, the flowers, the birds all weary.

A layer of dust on every life.

A mood of decay in every place.


Hope has turned despair,

Affection annoyance,

Initiative tiredness.

A smile, a tear.


A few words,

spoken in the dead of night

Have changed the world

…My world.

A Few Moments More


You knock on my door

And tell me to follow you

It’s time, you say

Time to leave

I realize I need a few moments more

I want to see her at least once

To touch her and feel if she is real

I need to hear her laughter once more, see her smile light up the room once more.

I need to take her small hand in mine when she is sleeping…and thank God once more

I need to kiss my girl on the corner of her lips once more, to lie snug with her once more

I need to see how the tulip bulbs I planted in the fall come out this spring

And if the leaves of the trees will be prettier this fall

I need to visit countries, continents.

I need to see all this world has got to show me.

Oh, there is so much I need to do!

Can’t we wait a bit?

Come, let’s wait a bit.

A few moments more.

A few days more.

A few months more.

A few years more.