Turn Right at Machu Picchu: Mark Adams.



An intriguing title indeed.  Mark Adams follows the route Hiram Bingham took to Machu Picchu, when he ‘discovered’ it.  The book traces the journey of the both men, undertaken in very different times, the joys and challenges of their travels.  Written with wit and humor, the book is pleasant reading.  However, when Adams starts writing about his second trip, the book loses its thread and becomes unhinged.

Read, if you are interested in Machu Picchu , or are planning to visit.

A Few Moments More


You knock on my door

And tell me to follow you

It’s time, you say

Time to leave

I realize I need a few moments more

I want to see her at least once

To touch her and feel if she is real

I need to hear her laughter once more, see her smile light up the room once more.

I need to take her small hand in mine when she is sleeping…and thank God once more

I need to kiss my girl on the corner of her lips once more, to lie snug with her once more

I need to see how the tulip bulbs I planted in the fall come out this spring

And if the leaves of the trees will be prettier this fall

I need to visit countries, continents.

I need to see all this world has got to show me.

Oh, there is so much I need to do!

Can’t we wait a bit?

Come, let’s wait a bit.

A few moments more.

A few days more.

A few months more.

A few years more.