From The Beginning To The End

Today, again, I was thinking of you

The thoughts flitting about

Like in a slide presentation

(I’m in a development organization now)

How it started

How it ended.

From the beginning

To the end


The hazel eyes, the long hair

The words of affection

The poem

The touching of hands

The embrace, the kiss

The walk in the rain

The passion, the sex

The pure joy of being in love



The illusion, the disenchantment, the mist

The slipping gaze, the empty words

The cynicism met with sarcasm

The fights

The failing persuasions

The rising barriers

The growing apart


The hour of reckoning

The fear of the known

The final call

The final farewell

The end


It began

It ended

Everything does!

Memories remain, situations vanish

Things can never be the same again

This is the way of life

Isn’t it?