A few lines from ‘The Jasmine Bloom’

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A Few Moments More

You knock on my door
And tell me to follow you
It’s time, you say
Time to leave.

I realize
I need a few moments more
I need to see how the jasmine I planted come out in the spring
And if the amaltas flowers will be as beautiful this summer.

I need to hear my girl’s laughter once more, See her smile light
up the room once more
I need to take her small hand in mine…
And thank God once more…

I need to visit countries, continents.
I need to see all the world has got to show me.

Oh there is so much I need to do!
Can’t we wait a bit?
Come- let’s wait a bit.

A few moments more
A few years more.






My first author interview with Debdatta

Author interview with Debdatta.

Full interview at http://www.ddsreviews.in/search/label/Author%20Interview

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