If Only

I wish

You were a rose.

A half blossomed, dew kissed, silky red rose.

From the corner window of my house,

I would’ve admired you smiling in my garden.

A little look at you would’ve made my day.

Would’ve showered all my affections on you,

Caressed you, kissed you and adored you all my life.


When it was your turn to wither away,

Would’ve carefully gathered your soft petals,

And kept them to my heart till death.

If only…

You were a rose.

The Shocking Similarity

When the rose thorn pricked your rosy fingertips and your rosy blood trickled down,

I stood shocked, spellbound.



I realized,

that even

With the shape of a rose,

Complexion of a lily,

And the scent of a jasmine,


Are made of,

the same blood,

as me.