Remembering You Again


With an involuntary movement of mine,

I stun myself.

Cover my face with both my hands and go dizzy.


For the movements,

Are yours.

Yours alone.

–   Shrugging both the shoulders with a mischievously innocent smile,

–   Saying nope,

–   Starting every sentence with a ‘ pata kya,’

Maybe these movements, these expressions make me understand,

–   When I adopt them in my tender moments,

–   What your tender moments were like.


Look, it ended,

As I predicted.

With me remembering your sweetness,

And you hating me!

Remembering You

The charm,

The humor,

The smiling hazel eyes,

The sexy soft voice,

The warmth,

The tenderness,

The love,

The devotion,


When I meet someone,

Who doesn’t have,

Even a weeny bit of all you have.

That is when,

I remember you.



That is when,

I remember you.


My only real love.

I Remember Your Smile


I still think about your smile

When the speck of a dimple formed on your cheek

And your lips spread  to the corner of your face


Remember how I liked to kiss you at the corners of your lips at such times.

You seemed so beautiful, so childlike beautiful and your smile turned broader, the dimple deepening and then evaporating.


A fist squeezes my heart inside

and I die a little

That’s the feeling with which

I remember your smile.

I Miss You!

I Miss You



The scenario has shifted,

The ambiance has changed,

And I am alone

In wilderness

The mist of solitude hanging on me

A subtle current runs through my heart


I remember you

I remember your smile

I remember your eyes

I remember your  face

I remember your  voice

I remember how you burst out laughing

I remember how you withdrew into a shell

I remember you

I miss you


I do.


A Tear Wish

A Tear Wish

When the night is lonely

The music sweet…and of a time when we were together

I plunge..

Into the past

Reminded of

Those long telephone conversations

Where even the long silences were so so fulfilling.

When that uncontrollable laughter used to get at us.

The little barbs that we made at each other which amused us equally.

When the possessiveness for each other got funny.

A Tear forms slowly

Ever so slowly

At the corner of my eye

And rolls down my cheek.

And I pray to God

That you

Are happy


If that means

That what I remember so vividly

You do no remember at all.

I Dream Of You

I Dream Of You

Oh, my dream!

I still dream of you

Of what it would have been like

To have you by my side eternally.

Not that I am unhappy in my present

But still, I do wonder

What it would have been

To have such exquisite beauty in my life

It didn’t happen

Wasn’t our destiny

We went our separate ways

And today – are as apart as two people can be

With our own separate joys, sorrows and dreams

And yet I still dream of you,

My unattainable beauty.

Sometimes in the night.

Sometimes in the day.