It’s All In The Planets: Preeti Shenoy



Aniket and Nidhi meet on a train.  Aniket has a hot model girlfriend who doesn’t treat him well and Nidhi’s boyfriend takes her for granted.  Nidhi agrees to be Aniket’s ‘relationship coach’.  From this start, the story follows the most predictable path possible with one twist thrown in for fun.  You know from page one, how is this going to end and Shenoy does little to make the journey worthwhile.  The twist helps a bit but not much.  The writing is ordinary at best and amateurish  when it’s not.  Sometimes, I wonder if any serious editing is done for Indian best-selling authors – or their books just make it to the market as received.  What was up, for instance, with entire stretches of dialogs repeated verbatim from one chapter to the next with a change in POV?  Was the book short of its required length or do the publishers think the reader really really dumb that she has to be told everything twice?

Don’t bother.

One Way Calls

Fetters on my feet,

My hand cuffed.

Tears in my eyes,

I stand stunned.


My tongue glued,

My ears sealed.

My eyes unseeing,

Only heart moved.

Yearning desperately for once sound

The sound…of your voice

…and that alone


But this was the relationship you had decided for us,

And thus was how it ended.

With you free,

And me in the impenetrable prison of your thoughts.


I’ll always remember,

I’ll never forget,

Yet never forgive,

Your one-way calls.

A Murder In Sleep

What went wrong, where and when?

I do not know.

All I know is

That suddenly

The cups in our hands were different.


Were not drinking me

And I

Was not drinking you

The closely held moments of warmth, togetherness and affection were shattered.


A relationship

So sweet

And yet so bitter



In sleep.

The Defeat

I recollect the day of my defeat.

When I saw you last.

A shawl neatly draped over a shoulder,

combing your long luxurious hair,

in my room, in front of my mirror.

With a sidelong glance you had looked at me.

That was the moment when I realized,

That I had lost.


The look – sympathizing, pitying,

smoldered me, shattered me.

And I broke down.

My face hidden in your lap,

sobs rocking my body,

your fingers running in my thinning hair,

your voice soothing, consoling me,

the warmth of your body comforting me.


The relationship had changed,

Abruptly, brusquely.

The boy becoming the child and the girl the eternal mother.

And for once the end was different.

The calculation, schemes, plans failing.

and the truth, the sincerity prevailing.


You Win.