Love & Pain… in verses!: Syeda F.R.


Rupi Kaur’s contribution to the world of books today: Poetry is back in vogue. Syeda’s ‘Love and Pain’ is a compilation of some intense, well-written, and mature poems. Most of the poems are beautiful in how they sound and what they paint. For me, the book scores on three counts: one, there is a lyrical, sing-song quality to the poems that is easy on the ears; second, many of the poems are deeply sensuous, without ever crossing the line into vulgar. It is interesting how the poet captures the sexual tension between a man and woman without using any overt sexual imagery. Third, the poems are very visual, they paint a very vivid picture. The only thing that didn’t work for me was that I didn’t find a flow in the order of poems, a sort of phasing from love to pain that the title and the foreword promised. Also, there was some repetition of ideas. However, overall, a beautiful, and mature compilation, that is a pleasant read indeed.



Could It Be?

The deep, enchanting, pain that stirs my heart and quivers my soul,

Taking the form of a formless thought of yours,

Or shaping into an unending sleepless night,

Becoming the object of my thought while awake,

And the subject of my dreams while asleep,

Adding a touch of silent joy to moment of sorrow,

And a touch of sweet sadness to moments of joy.

The torturing, smoldering killing pain…is just pain?


Could it be…love?