Cleaning My House Of Your Memories

I am cleaning my house.

Of your memories.

Looking at memories to throw away,

that I don’t need any longer.


The yellow waxy box with your stuff, the chipped shaving mug,

Albums of black and white photographs of our wedding – with half forgotten faces from half forgotten places.


The house is smaller now.

And I don’t have space for all the memories.

I have to be selective – what memories to save and what to throw away.


I am cleaning my house,

Of your memories.

Of Moments, Memories, and Dreams

A bat of an eyelid,

A smile stealing on a lip,

A strand of hair being brushed aside,

A short look turned to a long gaze.


A word unheard,

A word barely heard,

A hand around a waist,

And looking up at a shining face.


A look of longing,

A look on separation,

A look of fulfillment,

A look of benevolence.


A kiss remembered,

A smile thought about,

And incidental touch,

A simple word exchanged,

A thought thought then,

Remembered now.


A gait remembered,

A place remembered,

An ambience too.

And aura of a person too.


A sunshine face,

A face drawn up,

A misty eye,

A tremble on a lip.


A moment of fear,

A moment of anticipation,

A moment of exhilaration,

When I first talked to you.


An agonizing wait for a fleeting look,

A fragrance of someone who passed,

A whisper exchanged in a cold moonlit night,

A face so cherished seen suddenly,

A voice so sweet heard suddenly.


A passionate kiss,

An electric embrace,

A ring of a phone and a honeyed hello,

A cold hand gently taken in warm one,

A hand running through one’s hair.


A mention made,

A sudden meet,

A sad eye,

A vacant look,


The rustle of dried leaves under a foot,

A glace exchanged in the approaching darkness,

The warmth of a body,

A breath felt,

A hand on the forehead,

A throttled sob.


A smile of amusement,

A proud profile,

And arm outstretched,

An ankle turned,

A ringed finger,

A bangled wrist,

A lovely foot,

A plaited braid,

A face witnessed in half sun half shade.


O moments, memories, dreams.

The treasure. The treasure. The treasure.


From The Beginning To The End

Today, again, I was thinking of you

The thoughts flitting about

Like in a slide presentation

(I’m in a development organization now)

How it started

How it ended.

From the beginning

To the end


The hazel eyes, the long hair

The words of affection

The poem

The touching of hands

The embrace, the kiss

The walk in the rain

The passion, the sex

The pure joy of being in love



The illusion, the disenchantment, the mist

The slipping gaze, the empty words

The cynicism met with sarcasm

The fights

The failing persuasions

The rising barriers

The growing apart


The hour of reckoning

The fear of the known

The final call

The final farewell

The end


It began

It ended

Everything does!

Memories remain, situations vanish

Things can never be the same again

This is the way of life

Isn’t it?

A Tear Wish

A Tear Wish

When the night is lonely

The music sweet…and of a time when we were together

I plunge..

Into the past

Reminded of

Those long telephone conversations

Where even the long silences were so so fulfilling.

When that uncontrollable laughter used to get at us.

The little barbs that we made at each other which amused us equally.

When the possessiveness for each other got funny.

A Tear forms slowly

Ever so slowly

At the corner of my eye

And rolls down my cheek.

And I pray to God

That you

Are happy


If that means

That what I remember so vividly

You do no remember at all.