Where We Belong: Emily Giffin


Marian Caldwell is a busy-bee TV producer, with the CEO of the network her boyfriend. Her world suddenly comes apart, when her daughter, who she had given up for adoption when she had her at the age of eighteen, comes looking for her.  It is an interesting premise but the book never takes off after the first thirty pages. It takes the predictable route of Marian breaking-up with her boyfriend, and getting back with her first love, the father of her daughter.  Predictability is not the only problem with the story.  The characters brood over minor issues and midway the book turns completely chic lit – with proms, dresses and boys.  Giffin does a particularly poor job writing from the daughter’s point of view.  Her take on teenage thinking is not particularly insightful.

Don’t bother.


Where The Rainbow Ends: Anurag Anand

18466618.jpgAnurag Anand.JPG

Rahul meets Avantika and they fall in love.  Rahul’s little daughter takes to Avantika big time.  Then Avantika vanishes suddenly and the writer takes us on the journey of Rahul’s first marriage.  How did Rahul and Shalini meet, how they married and then broke up.  It is a simple, single-layer story that doesn’t go anywhere much – but still it’s not too bad and I found it engaging.  However, what kills the book is the writing – cliché ridden, tacky and repetitive.  It is better than some of the current best sellers in India but not by much.

Recommendation: Don’t bother.

To The Love of My Life

It happened suddenly.
Out of the blue.
Singing a song, going around,
Suddenly – the dam burst.
The tears flowed.
The body shook.
The sense of loss, the sense of distance overwhelmed me.
And I realized what I had lost.
That despite the cheerful exterior that I maintained,

How miserable I felt.

Is it my fate to be always unhappy?
Sighing when with you.
And crying when not.

There is so much to say.
So much to hear.
So much to feel.
So much to understand.
One day and one night spent with you,
How can it quench the thirst of so many years.
You are the love of my life.
It will take me a life time to get over you.

The Days

The days of pain, conflict and sorrow.

The days when I cried in my heart.

The days when I was so sentimental.

The days when I loved to be alone.

Those were

The days I was in love!


The days of joy, happiness and love.

The days – when I considered myself lucky.

The days when I loved the moon.

The days – when I loved the rain.

Those were,

The days I was in love.

A Murder In Sleep

What went wrong, where and when?

I do not know.

All I know is

That suddenly

The cups in our hands were different.


Were not drinking me

And I

Was not drinking you

The closely held moments of warmth, togetherness and affection were shattered.


A relationship

So sweet

And yet so bitter



In sleep.

Could It Be?

The deep, enchanting, pain that stirs my heart and quivers my soul,

Taking the form of a formless thought of yours,

Or shaping into an unending sleepless night,

Becoming the object of my thought while awake,

And the subject of my dreams while asleep,

Adding a touch of silent joy to moment of sorrow,

And a touch of sweet sadness to moments of joy.

The torturing, smoldering killing pain…is just pain?


Could it be…love?

I Am In Love With Someone Else

The cool and fresh morning air tickled my ear & kissed my lips and said I love you.

The dew-kissed fragrant rose smiled at me, and sparklingly said I love you.

The creamy blue sky looked down at me and bowing her head said I love you.

The cool and shady plush green tree waved at me and winked at me and said I love you.

The endlessly vast roaring sear rushed at me and touching my feet and said I love you.

The remotest and smallest night star twinkled shyly at me and said silently I love you.

The silvery placid moon gazed sleepily at me and softly whispered I love you.


I said


To the air

To the rose

To the sky

To the tree

To the sea

To the star to the moon


That though yesterday,

I was in love with you.

But today,

I’ve fallen in love with someone else.