A story of love, lust, ruin and resurrection: Review by September Queen

The Jasmine Bloom Creative Cover

A story of mid-life crisis, corporate politics, love , lust , ruin and resurrection.. The Jasmine Bloom by Author Rajat Narula , a strong recommendation if you want to taste something different than the usual romance!!
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To The Love of My Life

It happened suddenly.
Out of the blue.
Singing a song, going around,
Suddenly – the dam burst.
The tears flowed.
The body shook.
The sense of loss, the sense of distance overwhelmed me.
And I realized what I had lost.
That despite the cheerful exterior that I maintained,

How miserable I felt.

Is it my fate to be always unhappy?
Sighing when with you.
And crying when not.

There is so much to say.
So much to hear.
So much to feel.
So much to understand.
One day and one night spent with you,
How can it quench the thirst of so many years.
You are the love of my life.
It will take me a life time to get over you.

If Ever

On the multi-dimensional cross-ways of life,

If ever…we meet again.

All brown and grey,

the green years far behind us.

What would we say to each other?

What would we talk about?


We’ll untie the untied knots of the years and confess our long-suppressed mingled mutual feelings.

Or Perhaps

We’ll just say a few formal words of recognition,

And walk away,

Tearlessly and heartlessly on our own separate ways,

Never to meet again!

Or perhaps

Even after having seen each other –

we will pretend otherwise.

For, by then,

We would be too worthless,

In the lives of

each other

To care.

A Silent Death

As the dust of time gathers softly on your sweet memories,fading into nothingness.

Each passing minute,a nail in your coffin, each passing hour a shovel in your grave.

You…lie quietly on the soft bed of my fragrant rosy thoughts…pale, fading, and deathlike.


You are dying,

A slow silent death,

In my mind.

While I mourn,

alone, lonely,

in total solitude.

From Beneath The Grave

Your memory


The memory of life.

Of the days,

When life was not the game of,

Breathing alone.

When the theme of life meant

– The soft sound of your distant footsteps

– The breathtaking sight of raindrops kissing your lips

– The cool comforting touch of your gentle hands

– And the fragrance of your beautiful thoughts

When life was life

As it should be.


The Sunshine Of My Life


The sunshine of my life.

The moment, everything is dark and grey.

–        The clouds

–        The rain

–        The routine

–        The life



The sunshine of my life.

To colour my life the colour of sun


–        Open wavy luxuriant hair.

–        A broad red bindiya on the forehead.

–        Wearing a dress the colour of sun.

–        And a laughter that is catchy.

–        With the jhanak of a payal and

–        The chanak of a bangle

–        And the talk of Byron, Milton & Shelly



The sunshine of my life


A drive in the rains for hours together.

A walk on the lawn in the morning mist.

A talk of intimate secret memories.

A soothing touch, a gentle kiss.



The sunshine of my life

We will live our lives together!

Dreaming Of You

When the pain of loneliness nibbles at me

When the melancholy of solitude nudges me by the elbow

And I’m afraid to turn around

To stare it full in the face

It’s then

that I dream of you


I dream of you

How it would be like to have you by my side

– To feel the warmth of your presence


What it would be like to share all good and bad

– To know that someone loves you


What it would be like to be inspired and to inspire

– To lend a hand and be lent one


What it would be like to share my joy with you

– And to know you’re there when failure strike


What it would be like to laugh with you

What it would be like to cry with you

What it would be like to wake up in the morning to a cheerful face

– And to return home to a charming smile

What it would be like to share a glance of complete understanding

What it would be like to tread the road of life together

– Hand in hand, in step with each other


That’s how

I dream of you

Of sharing a life

With you.