I Drift

I Drift

I think!

No, I drift.

I walk!

No, I drift.

I live!

No, I drift.

I love!

No, I drift.

I dream!

No, I drift


I live for today

In fear of tomorrow

– An unhappy today

– A frightening tomorrow



I drift

From moment to moment

day to day

month to month

year to year



No ambitions

No goals

No meaning


I drift…

I Dream Of You

I Dream Of You

Oh, my dream!

I still dream of you

Of what it would have been like

To have you by my side eternally.

Not that I am unhappy in my present

But still, I do wonder

What it would have been

To have such exquisite beauty in my life

It didn’t happen

Wasn’t our destiny

We went our separate ways

And today – are as apart as two people can be

With our own separate joys, sorrows and dreams

And yet I still dream of you,

My unattainable beauty.

Sometimes in the night.

Sometimes in the day.