Milk and Honey: Rupi Kaur



Who reads poetry these days?  The answer is a million people! Rupi Kaur’s self-published book has sold over a million copies and has been a New York Times best seller for over 52 weeks.  It is modern poetry, from the perspective of the woman of today.  The poems are both feminist and reflective at the same time.  Like any collection of poetry, it has a few gems – thoughts so engaging, words so beautifully crafted – that the words just roll off the eyes, leaving a strong impact.  And then there are those are ordinary and barely poetry.  I am not sure if the huge success if fully deserved – the explicit angle certainly helps.  An interesting read, overall.


6th spot on Indian Writing bestsellers

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


The long time best-seller that deserves it’s place on the list.  Rachel admires a young couple, everyday, from her seat in the train as the train passes by their house.  The woman suddenly goes missing and then begins the tale of their lives enmeshing in an unexpected way that involves Rachel’s ex husband, his current wife and the missing woman’s husband.  Essentially, a whodunit, but told in a brisk-paced, refreshing and engaging manner.  A page-turner, if there was one.  The time movements – the past and the present – worked out very well.  A good read indeed.

Recommendation: Must read.