Lincoln in the Bardo: George Saunders

‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ is experimental, magic-realism writing.  Willy Lincoln, Abe Lincoln’s son is dead, at a time when civil war has just started causing major causalities.  Willy Lincoln makes it to the other world, the world between here and the ultimate there, populated by people with still-unfinished business in this world.  It is the multiple stories of those people that are interesting – as their stories encompass civil rights and the race divide, the same sex love, and many other issues of that time and today.  The writing is superb, the stories engrossing, if too many.  It is a little difficult to understand at the beginning , but the story unfolds slowly, draws you in and holds you.


Turtles All The Way Down: John Green



Aza Holmes is a teenaged germ phobic, whose day to day life is fraught with her fighting with her own self, to get over her irrational fears.  The story of the missing millionaire, and Aza findings his whereabouts, her romance with Davis, friendship with Daisy, all  serve as a backdrop for Holmes story.  Green does a great job of portraying the main character – her teenage issues, and her dealing with her mental illness.  Your heart goes to Aza and her inability to enjoy herself. Written with humor and exceptional compassion.