Sick In The Head: Judd Apatow


Judd Apatow, the creator of movies like ‘Knocked-up’ and ’40 Year Old Virgin’ – who is also a stand-up comic, explores what makes the comedians funny through interviewing many of the all time greats including Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Stephen Colbert, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Jay Leno.  The book is a compendium of sixty such interviews – some done when Apatow was still in high school, and some after he became a successful director.  Sick in the Head is not a funny book.  If you are looking for clever interactions with comedic geniuses , there are few of those.  However, the book does tell you a bit about comedians you have admired.  Why they turned to comedy, and how they honed their craft.

Read, if you are a comedy nerd and want to know more about your heroes.



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