The Jasmine Bloom Review: The Forbidden Affair Of A Crestfallen Hero

Final View: I read this book from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you feel you need a break from regular romances, then pick this forbidden affair so you know the ramifications of threading the most disapproved path.

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The Zoya Factor: Anuja Chauhan


There is still hope for Indian best-selling authors!  After the likes of Ravinder Pal Singh and Preeti Shenoy, Anuja Chauhan is a breath of fresh air.  The writing is simple, uncomplicated,  but airy and light at the same time.  Her use of humor is spot-on – haven’t had so many laugh-out-loud moments in a long time.  Zoya Solanki is a low level account executive in a big advertising company, working on a big campaign that involves cricketers – when she discovers her magical powers.  Whenever she has breakfast with them, the Indian team wins.  How this turns her life topsy-turvy in a cricket-crazy nation that gives her the status of a goddess.  This story intertwines with her now-on, now-off relationship with the Indian captain.  The premise itself is interesting and the writing is superb – even the Hinglish doesn’t sound cliché and  works well.  The dialogues and the writing are very organic and flow beautifully.  The book has its flaws – the romance between Zoya and Nikhil goes through a misunderstanding routine that is a bit boring and the cricket gets to be a bit much towards the end (even for me).  But overall, an enjoyable book indeed.