Dad is Fat: Jim Gaffigan


Standup comic Jim Gaffigan’s account on bringing up five children in a tiny New York apartment. It is an endearing and relatable subject for all of us who have or are raising kids. The chaos at home, the suffering that any travel becomes, the playground friendships, the school moms’ politics – we’ve all been there. Subject-wise he couldn’t have chosen better. And he does the topic full justice. Written with ‘clean’ humor, the book is a lovely journey in the joys and tribulations of parenthood. His love for his family gives the book a warm, fuzzy feel that works. Laugh-out loud chuckles are not that many but a constant smile on the face and a warmth in the heart is not a bad bargain.

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2 comments on “Dad is Fat: Jim Gaffigan

  1. Drew Martin says:

    I enjoy his standup routines, but I don’t have or want to have kids. Do you think I’d still enjoy this read or should I try one of his other books?

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