The Grapes of Wrath: John Steinbeck


An all-time American classic that has been on my ‘to read’ list a long time.  The plight of poor Americans in the depression of 1930s.  The picture Steinbeck paints is stark, moving and sad.  Tom Joad and his family, and dozens like them, thousands actually, suffer through gut-busting, soul-sapping poverty that doesn’t seem to have a silver lining.  However, there are problems.  First, the book is a bit too ‘red’ – Steinbeck’s ideology, at times, seems to overpower his writing.  Second, the writing is a bit repetitive.  I know he is an acknowledged master and this may sound strange – but wasn’t too taken by the writing.  However, the scenes are strongly visual, the characters distinct and evolving and overall the book works.

Recommendation: Read – if you can ok with reading about a depressing time.

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