Finding Me: Michelle Knight

This is the real ‘Room’.  Michelle Knight was one of the three victims of Ariel Castro and was released from his captivity after 11 years.  Her real account of what happened to her during the time makes Emma Donaghue’s ‘Room’ – a fictionalized account of a woman in captivity – look like a picnic.  The brutal and constant rapes, chaining for long periods of time, the starving, her five abortions, her having to defecate in the room of her captivity, taking a shower after the gap of one year – just a few of the overt sufferings she went through  – are like a punch in the gut.  It is a riveting book.  The writing is not great but with such a story, the writing doesn’t matter.  It is a highly disturbing book and Michelle Knight comes out a bit blemished.  But with the life she has led, who could hold that against her.

Recommendation: Read.


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