Hidden – Catherine McKenzie

HiddenCatherine McKenzie

Hidden – Catherine McKenzie

A man, woman, and the other woman. The man dies without the wife finding out. It’s the theme – close to my book – that attracted me to the book. The man’s death is the starting point and the book slowly unfolds the story of the two families embroiled in the story. Not much happens is my first complaint. The book is a bit too chick-litty is my second. Too many moments where people control their feelings and nothing happens. Doesn’t seem very real world to me. I like the use of everyday of today – that came out well and told us the importance of keeping stories set in the right now world – not the world of ten or twenty years ago. The end was a nice twist – didn’t see it coming – and I like the book much better for it. Once again, reiterated to me the importance of a great ending.

Recommendation: Don’t bother

One comment on “Hidden – Catherine McKenzie

  1. libbycole007 says:

    Such a shame! I love a good chick lit, but doesn’t sound like this is it.


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