Book Review: The Elements of Style – William Strunk

The Elements of StyleWilliam Strunk Jr.

The Elements of Style – William Strunk

The Elements of Style is THE book on writing. Considered the final word and quoted in all the writing books. The amazing thing is that it remains (largely) relevant today even though written almost a hundred years ago (1918). Of course, there are certain antiquities (common spelling errors, how to break a word if it split into two pages, etc.) which amuse you. But it is creditable for a book to survive so long and remain relevant. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the focus on grammar terms – use past participle in this situation. I am too old to remember my past participles. The name is a bit of an anomaly – it’s more about writing the right English (though there are sections on omitting certain words, vague language, etc.). But a good read for a quick (Only 50 something pages) ready reckoner on writing.

Recommendation: Recommended for aspiring writers