To An Oasis Lost

Sometimes something suddenly shoots right through.

Something hits you hard somewhere.

Catching you unaware.

And when,

You grope for breath.

And don’t get it,

You wonder,

What you did to deserve it.


That’s what happened,

When you told me,

That I,

Was no longer a part of your life.

Your life was yours…and of somebody else.

And I was alone.


That was when I realized,

That your being a part of my life,

Had meant a lot to me.

And that,

In the scorching desert of my life,

You were my only oasis.

To The Love of My Life

It happened suddenly.
Out of the blue.
Singing a song, going around,
Suddenly – the dam burst.
The tears flowed.
The body shook.
The sense of loss, the sense of distance overwhelmed me.
And I realized what I had lost.
That despite the cheerful exterior that I maintained,

How miserable I felt.

Is it my fate to be always unhappy?
Sighing when with you.
And crying when not.

There is so much to say.
So much to hear.
So much to feel.
So much to understand.
One day and one night spent with you,
How can it quench the thirst of so many years.
You are the love of my life.
It will take me a life time to get over you.

If Ever

On the multi-dimensional cross-ways of life,

If ever…we meet again.

All brown and grey,

the green years far behind us.

What would we say to each other?

What would we talk about?


We’ll untie the untied knots of the years and confess our long-suppressed mingled mutual feelings.

Or Perhaps

We’ll just say a few formal words of recognition,

And walk away,

Tearlessly and heartlessly on our own separate ways,

Never to meet again!

Or perhaps

Even after having seen each other –

we will pretend otherwise.

For, by then,

We would be too worthless,

In the lives of

each other

To care.