The Defeat

I recollect the day of my defeat.

When I saw you last.

A shawl neatly draped over a shoulder,

combing your long luxurious hair,

in my room, in front of my mirror.

With a sidelong glance you had looked at me.

That was the moment when I realized,

That I had lost.


The look – sympathizing, pitying,

smoldered me, shattered me.

And I broke down.

My face hidden in your lap,

sobs rocking my body,

your fingers running in my thinning hair,

your voice soothing, consoling me,

the warmth of your body comforting me.


The relationship had changed,

Abruptly, brusquely.

The boy becoming the child and the girl the eternal mother.

And for once the end was different.

The calculation, schemes, plans failing.

and the truth, the sincerity prevailing.


You Win.

The Saviour

When the cruel, uncaring world, after a tiring day of torturous turmoil, pushes me down to the bottom of the filthy dark pit of life.

And as I lie – bruised, beaten and helpless.


Your hand rests on my wrinkled forehead, softly soothing my troubled brow.

Your lips kissing my weary eye-lids,

And then gently holding my hand in yours you take me to the land of bubbling brooks and blooming blossoms.

Adding a pleasant interlude to the brutal interlude of struggle.

Thank you…Sleep!

The savior of wretched souls.