Remembering You Again


With an involuntary movement of mine,

I stun myself.

Cover my face with both my hands and go dizzy.


For the movements,

Are yours.

Yours alone.

–   Shrugging both the shoulders with a mischievously innocent smile,

–   Saying nope,

–   Starting every sentence with a ‘ pata kya,’

Maybe these movements, these expressions make me understand,

–   When I adopt them in my tender moments,

–   What your tender moments were like.


Look, it ended,

As I predicted.

With me remembering your sweetness,

And you hating me!

I Am In Love With Someone Else

The cool and fresh morning air tickled my ear & kissed my lips and said I love you.

The dew-kissed fragrant rose smiled at me, and sparklingly said I love you.

The creamy blue sky looked down at me and bowing her head said I love you.

The cool and shady plush green tree waved at me and winked at me and said I love you.

The endlessly vast roaring sear rushed at me and touching my feet and said I love you.

The remotest and smallest night star twinkled shyly at me and said silently I love you.

The silvery placid moon gazed sleepily at me and softly whispered I love you.


I said


To the air

To the rose

To the sky

To the tree

To the sea

To the star to the moon


That though yesterday,

I was in love with you.

But today,

I’ve fallen in love with someone else.



You asked me,

What do I think of you.

What really are you to me.

I meditated

I pondered

I thought


You are like

A rose petal that has flown on air into a heap of smoldering ashes


You are like

A rain drop – the first one – which strikes the rain parched earth


You are like

The first gust of air that enters a room opened after a long long time


You are like

The lights of his hometown a traveler sees tired after a long arduous journey


You are like

The all enveloping warmth that greets a person reaching home safe from the chill outside


You are like

The sudden emergence of the colour red after lots of grey


You are like

An evening bath after a hot weary day


You are like

A kiss of the beloved on the eyelids and the sweet sleep it induces after a long sleepless night


You are like

A favorite song heard suddenly after a long long time


You are like

A healing touch, a comforting kiss on a painful bruise

That is how

I think of you

That’s what

You are to me

Now you know!

The Wait

The mood is melancholy,

The ambience sad.

The soul is weary,

The body tired.


I think about you,

But my thoughts have dried.

I murmured your name

And then I cried


In the last of moment of the agony,

Someone died.


Just because,

I waited for you,

in vain.


Of Moments, Memories, and Dreams

A bat of an eyelid,

A smile stealing on a lip,

A strand of hair being brushed aside,

A short look turned to a long gaze.


A word unheard,

A word barely heard,

A hand around a waist,

And looking up at a shining face.


A look of longing,

A look on separation,

A look of fulfillment,

A look of benevolence.


A kiss remembered,

A smile thought about,

And incidental touch,

A simple word exchanged,

A thought thought then,

Remembered now.


A gait remembered,

A place remembered,

An ambience too.

And aura of a person too.


A sunshine face,

A face drawn up,

A misty eye,

A tremble on a lip.


A moment of fear,

A moment of anticipation,

A moment of exhilaration,

When I first talked to you.


An agonizing wait for a fleeting look,

A fragrance of someone who passed,

A whisper exchanged in a cold moonlit night,

A face so cherished seen suddenly,

A voice so sweet heard suddenly.


A passionate kiss,

An electric embrace,

A ring of a phone and a honeyed hello,

A cold hand gently taken in warm one,

A hand running through one’s hair.


A mention made,

A sudden meet,

A sad eye,

A vacant look,


The rustle of dried leaves under a foot,

A glace exchanged in the approaching darkness,

The warmth of a body,

A breath felt,

A hand on the forehead,

A throttled sob.


A smile of amusement,

A proud profile,

And arm outstretched,

An ankle turned,

A ringed finger,

A bangled wrist,

A lovely foot,

A plaited braid,

A face witnessed in half sun half shade.


O moments, memories, dreams.

The treasure. The treasure. The treasure.


Falling In Love

Lying on my bed,


I think of you


How I would love to run my fingers through those curls.

Kiss your fair throat.

And hold you tight in my arms.


I am choked with desire.

My thoughts turning into a pain.

A searing pain of desiring you.


I switch off my thoughts,

And transcend in to your mind.

And try to think your thoughts.


What are you thinking of

–   Today?

–   The poem?

–   The party?

–   The pact?

And then wonder,

If at all I am anywhere in your thoughts.


The thought of this thought is scary.


I am afraid.


Perhaps it may still turn out to be a situation,

Where love on one side,

Is reciprocated by mockery on another.


I get quiet,

And transcend back to my thoughts.

Try to switch you off.

And find,

I can’t do that.

I am

Hopelessly and miserably,

In love with you.

So help me God!

Remembering You

The charm,

The humor,

The smiling hazel eyes,

The sexy soft voice,

The warmth,

The tenderness,

The love,

The devotion,


When I meet someone,

Who doesn’t have,

Even a weeny bit of all you have.

That is when,

I remember you.



That is when,

I remember you.


My only real love.