Book Review: On Writing – Stephen King

On WritingStephen King

On Writing – Stephen King

One of the most successful writers of our time holds court on writing. He starts with telling us his own story and then delves into the process of writing – the do’s and dont’s. So does Mr. King offer us fresh advice we’ve never heard before? Not really – but still when advice comes from the king himself – you listen. The lessons that stayed with me were: write true (Hemingway said that a couple generations ago – but still…), write and read a lot, learn what the underlying theme of your book is, etc. The book is written in a really ( he would hate my using an unnecessary adverb here) simple style – easy on the eyes. The language is conversational and casual – fun to read. Read for pleasure and to learn about one of the best-selling authors of our times, if not for unique writing tips.

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One comment on “Book Review: On Writing – Stephen King

  1. Carole Besharah says:

    I learned so much about writing reading this book. It should be a must on every writing course syllabus. Or, a permanent fixture on every aspiring writer’s bookshelf. Check out my review: Thanks for sharing!

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