It Is Winter


A winter in Delhi.

Warm sunny and lazy.

And as I laze idly in the sun on a Sunday morning,

I think about how long it has been for me to be in love.

… in love with love, in love with the thought of love.

I close my eyes.

And the first face that comes up is you.

Amazing indeed.


In the crowd of so many beloveds and lovers.


And the thought that comes with your face…

…is the thought of holding your hand in the sun.

To be clasping those multi-ringed fingers in mine.

Like touching your soul by touching your skin.


I realize

You are unattainable.

So listen my distant unattainable love.

Let us keep it this way.

For I am sure

Attaining your love will lose it all,

So let’s have you where you are.

So that on such rare lazy mornings

When I feel romantic

And think of holding a hand in the sun

I will have you to think of.

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