I’m A Moment Collector


I’m a moment collector

I collect moments

click them, prune them, paste them

and store them in my files.

I collect moments……

the warm softness of your breasts felt in the early hours of the morning

watching the blue-green mountains half smothered by clouds, with you at my side

seeing the Beas waves make violent love

watching your face as you comb your wet hair after a bath looking fresh.

Having you cling to me like I was the only hope that remained.

Removing a quiet tear from your eyes.

The cozy feeling of knowing you care, I care.

Kissing your forehead in your sleep with your head on my chest

I collect moments…

Do you know why I collect moments?

I believe –

a time has to come

when these moments

will be all that is left

all that is there for me to hold

It is then, I’ll need them

It is for then, I preserve them

I need to collect moments

I’m a moment collector

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