Book Review: Bring Up The Bodies – Hilary Mantel

Bring Up The BodiesHilary Mantel   Bring Up The Bodies – Hilary Mantel

2nd Booker for Ms. Mantel and well deserved too. Cromwell carries on from where he left at ‘Wolf Hall’. And this time, it’s even better as the characters are familiar and it helps because there are so many of them. I don’t care for British history but her writing is so beautiful, she make you care, draws you in.   Anne Boleyn has become the queen through Cromwell’s maneuvering but Anne and Cromwell have a fall out and then Anne is out of favor of the King too – and then begins new alignments, new friends, new enemies.  Intrigue, power play and our protagonist wins in the end.   Written beautifully, the book does a great job capturing the sixteenth century Britain.  “He, Cromwell, said” – becomes a signature style.

Recommendation: Must Read

One comment on “Book Review: Bring Up The Bodies – Hilary Mantel

  1. Amit Agarwal says:

    review If there ever was a sequel, this is it. It draws heavily form the prequel (even tiny details you thought inconsequential and irritating then), maintains the tone style pace and form, and yet maintains an identity enough to capture and make the new reader (unknown to the prequel) comfortable.
    Hillary Mantel has nicely wrapped up, staged and done justice to the historical nature of the destruction of Anne Boleyn, and all that the prequel was building up to (That becoming noticeable only in hindsight).

    Another point that i appreciated about this was the correction of sorts that was done to the pronoun confusion in Wolf Hall (i.e. all the ‘he’ is referred to Cromwell by default) by marking a ‘He, Cromwell, says/ thinks etc…’, especially in places more prone to confusion.

    Like like. 🙂

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